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News|Academy|14 Oct 2019|Alice Ren

PARK Academy supports IDSA Boston chapter by hosting a Design Strategy workshop

Are you wondering where to take your design career next? How to become a (better) manager or leader? We collaborated with IDSA in Boston to support designers of all roles in their pursuit in design strategy and help them advance in their careers.

PARK Academy (formerly known as ‘Grow’) hosted an IDSA workshop at WIT (Wentworth Institute of Technology) in Boston last Oct. to help the design community better create & influence their organizations in Design Strategy. PARK USA Director and lead PARK Academy tutor Jay Peters coached participants on our newest module ‘design strategy’. A great mix of 40 designers and design leaders came from all over the city for this session. Participants got really engaged and inspired by the learnings, case studies and the group activities. In true PARK Academy fashion, we helped to inform, inspire and involve the participants to best take away some key learnings (& tools) that will be beneficial in thier professional roles.

Image of IDSA and PARK Academy Woskshop
Design strategy is the mother of all design management & leadership activities.

A design strategy is a high-level plan to achieve design goals within a certain business context. It is certainly not created in isolation: it helps to achieve overarching business goals; it helps to align peer strategies and – most importantly – it helps to make the right choices in terms of resources and capabilities.

In this synopsis presentation taken from a core PARK Academy learning module, learn some key aspects of managing and leading design strategies, such as:

  • What should a design manager do when managing design strategies?
  • What are the key components of a solid design strategy?
  • How are these components linked to the bigger picture of a company?
  • What are the competencies needed to manage design strategies?

PARK Academy is a world-leading training provider in Design Management & Design Leadership, and education allies with IDSA to help this esteemed design community develop & deliver more impact into the business of design.

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