PARK lecture about Design in Customer Experience at Big Design conference Dallas

News|Academy|01 Oct 2018|Denisse Bronsoiler

PARK Academy participates in ‘Big Design’ Dallas

Customer Experience as well as UX is huge and highly valuable to business, but where & how does design help contribute, and where does it not?

Big Design Conference takes place every year in Dallas to connect the local design community. For the 11th edition more than 1,200 people attended the conference held on September 20th to September 22nd in Gilley’s Dallas, Texas.

At our booth, we had the honor to talk with many UXers who are challenged by the struggles of leading and managing teams and are looking for a training like PARK Academy (formerly known as Grow) to guide them in their daily job.

PARK Academy participated in Big Design Conference and supported designers by teaching them how to strategically use and enhance customer experience in their companies.

PARK Former consultant, Natalie Schraufnagel presented a talk on Design in Customer Experience. Natalie and the 50+ participants looked at how to make customer experience a key strategic advantage for their companies or clients through the power of design. They identified the differences and synergies between Customer Experience, User Experience and Service Design. Moreover, Natalie presented case studies on how companies are developing and leveraging Customer Experience to drive a holistic brand experience resulting in loyal customers who engage and buy more, both online and offline.

PARK lecture about Design in Customer Experience at Big Design conference Dallas

At the end of the talk, participants were offered our tools, the Customer Experience Canvas and Design-in-CX, to help them map their company’s customer experience and brainstorm ways to increase engagement and extend customer lifetime value.

Big Design conference is a great space for people to network, connect with the design community in Dallas, and learn about many topics and different perspectives. Even though the conference’s focus is UX design, the scope of the talks is larger than that, and I believe this is a good event for anybody interested in Design, technology, leadership and business design. Big Design serves as an eye opener for the current state of the field, the future of design and upcoming technologies.

We kindly thank each one of you for attending Natalie’s talk and look forward to seeing you next year!

Do you want to learn more about customer experience and how to apply it strategically in your company? Visit the PARK Academy page.

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