News|Connections|29 Mar 2023|Stephan J. Clambaneva

Human Factors and Design Summit

In the coldest month of the year for many, the PARK US team developed and delivered a Human Factors and Design Summit hosted in the dark and desolate but welcoming and friendly Iceland.

Over the course of two jam packed days, the global human factors and design team many of whom were meeting in person for the first time, participated in intense hands-on sessions to work towards a common goal.

We helped to inspire, inform, and unify participants of cultural and geographical differences sharing leading practices for their organization that enhance the impact HFD can have on the S+N bottom line.

The team also had the opportunity to get together in a completely different environment, outside of all the busy demands of projects and meetings, providing an amazing opportunity to build new relationships, foster collaboration, and align towards their common goals.

The diversity of the new team coupled with their operational excellence was evident during the summit and we are looking forward to seeing what this amazing team can do for the Medical Device Industry in the years to come!

Smith Nephew Team on a Human Factors Design Summit organized by PARK

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