News|Connections|25 Jul 2022|Iren Liao and Jay Peters

Design Summit for AdventHealth

PARK is honored to announce that we recently hosted a Design Summit for AdventHealth to help identify opportunities to improve Design to Implementation for new service & digital solutions. Over the course of two days, the entire design team and selected stakeholders from across the organization participated in intense hands on sessions to work towards a common goal.

In true PARK fashion, we helped to inform, inspire and involve all the participants to create more understanding, awareness, alignment, and motivation to work towards a more unified organization to drive change.

The Design team also had the opportunity to get together, outside of all the busy demands of projects and meetings, to align towards some common goals, reflect and truly connect with one another.

The passion and energy of AdventHealth team was infectious and is clear as to why they are a leader in the Health Care industry.

AdventHealth design team working during a Design Summit

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