News|Consulting|19 Aug 2021|Kshanika Patel

Design for Business

Good design is good business. Truer with each coming day as it was when this saying was coined over 4 decades ago. Design has transformed from being about making products attractive to a way of thinking and adding a multitude of values. Successful businesses are leading their markets by recognizing the value of integrating design into all aspects of an organization.

PARK participated in the Boston Design Week conference in April 2021 to share how world-leading companies maximize the value of design and how you can too.

Jay Peters, Managing Director, and Stephan Clambaneva, Senior Consultant at PARK USA, presented how companies who embrace and utilize strategic design and design-led development approaches can become and remain market leaders. PARK consultants shared some of the ways design has been instrumental in driving business performance across the triple bottom line (profit, planet, and people).

Ladder of design leverage

Research has proven that the two key challenges that organizations face are to generate relevant ideas and to convert those ideas effectively into business success. Only 25% of organizations do both in an excellent way. PARK explored and shared insights around how design and innovation have added value in world-leading companies like LEGO, GSK, and Roca and introduced some models to validate and qualify where design lies in your company. PARK also promoted the types of value design adds to an organization, how to define metrics to predict and validate the contribution of design for business, and how some world-leading companies harness the power of design to drive business performance.

However increasing the value of design is easier said than done in large complex multinational organizations. One reason why, outside of corporate politics and siloed functions, is that design is often competing (budget and resources wise) with many other factors and functions who also want to claim to add value to the business.

Design and Innovation

PARK has been instrumental in guiding design & development at many Fortune 500 companies and if you want to be successful and increase the impact of design at your company, feel free to reach out. Our services will help close the gap between Design and Business to help you deliver maximum value to the triple bottom line.

You can watch the highlights from the presentation here.

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