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2 short courses to Boost Skills

Book onto our PARK Academy modules to level up Design Managers and Leaders on the topics of most concern at this time – Design Teams and Design for Humanity.

Design Teams

There is no design leader who is not acutely aware of the challenges in building, maintaining, developing and scaling design teams, yet success is often elusive. Our PARK Academy Design Teams module is for those who lead and manage teams and takes a deep dive to identify key success factors in developing, managing and evolving high performance design teams. Topics range from managing disagreements and giving effective feedback to becoming a trusted design leader.

Our proprietary tool empowers you to clarify and crystallise the context and goals of the team while exploring your leadership competencies so you can increase the performance of your team.

Design for Humanity

Design for Humanity is the challenge of our time with much responsibility on design leaders as they move from problem definition and reframing to problem owning, and the mindset, practice and output of design shifts accordingly. There is a requirement for designers to co-create solutions across disciplines, organisation and industries.

We have developed a Design for Humanity pathfinder tool that empowers design leaders to track where your organisation is in their Design for Humanity journey and plan how to best move forward to align on UN Sustainable goals. This is a powerful tool to audit and plan, enabling focus and guiding you to define where effort, commitment and resources mobilisation are required to sustainably move forward.

Participants can choose one or both modules. All modules benefit from one-to-one assignment coaching and evaluation presentations as a follow up after the education session.

Connect with peers globally in this supportive learning environment as you boost your leadership and management skills.

Both modules are delivered in (CET) central European time zone on November 10th.

Design for Humanity in the Morning (09.00 to 12.00) and Design Teams in the afternoon (13.00 to 15.00).

Modules can be booked individually at

Please reach out to your country partner – VDID in Germany, Design Skillnet in Ireland, or DOGA in Norway for partner prices.

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