Design Leadership Programme 16 Norway

16 Apr 2024
40 weeks
4 hours per week
Open to all


Helping grow design leadership capability and competency for DOGA members.

In partnership with
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In this programme participants who enrol will unlock their design management and leadership capabilities via a bespoke selection foundational, core and specialist design modules.

Covering an advanced structure of content designed to provide a grounded prescriptive, unite people on definitions, bust any myths, while learning to master proprietary tools to manage and lead design. Each module contains fantastic case studies, targeted learning goals and assignments that are directly applicable to daily work.

Programme details

A little more in-depth information about the programme.

Who is this for

  • Sr Designers, Lead Designers, Design Managers and Design Directors who manage and/or lead design.
  • Non design professionals who also need to manage and/or lead design.
  • Managers or leaders who wish to learn how manage design.

What you get

The Design Leadership Programme 15 Norway is challenging! Requires commitment, and is jam packed full of design value creating content to level up participants according to their career or business needs.

  • 10 module educations
  • 10 individual coaching moments
  • 10 module assignments
  • 10+ proprietary tools
  • 50+ case studies
  • Livebook access 365 days a year
  • 40 weeks of peer to peer networking
  • 40 weeks of peer to peer shared expertise
  • Senior tutors with a combined 75 years of experience
  • PARK Academy Diploma


Our PARK Academy programmes follow a blended learning approach enabled by Livebook, our digital platform.

Livebook supports programme delivery, acting as a home for programme content, a student workspace and as a future reference library for alumni. All PARK Academy students are provided with a Livebook login prior to the start of their programmes.


This bespoke programme combines the following highly regarded modules:


  • Design Management
  • Design Leadership


  • Design Quality
  • Design Process
  • Design Storytelling
  • Design Strategy
  • Design Teams
  • Design Value
  • Design Briefing


  • Managing Service Design

Programme dates

The planned dates for this programme are…
Type of sessionDate
Introduction16 April 2024
Kick off16 April 2024
Education A17 April 2024
Online coachingt.b.d.
Evaluation A11 June 2024
Education B12 June 2024
Online coachingt.b.d.
Evaluation B10 September 2024
Education C11 September 2024
Online coachingt.b.d.
Evaluation C5 November 2024
Education D6 November 2024
Online coachingt.b.d.
Evaluation D21 January 2025
Final day22 January 2025

Programme tutors

Brian Gillespie

Senior Consultant and Tutor

James Hall

Company Director


To register your interest in the programme, please submit your details here.

The Application Process:

  • Apply – fill out the application form
  • Meet – a 20-minute call to review your application and identify if we are a good fit.
  • Offer – if this is the next right step for you and you are a good fit, we will offer you a place.

Participant details


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