Amplify your impact, overcome challenges and unlock your potential as a leader of design. With tailored individual and team coaching on topics from personal effectiveness to team management.

Why PARK Coaching

The right match

Not every coach will be the right coach for you. We take the time to match you to a coach with the right experience specific to your individual or team challenges, skills and goals.

Tailored approach

Once a week? Once a month? Once a quarter? Our coaching packages are tailored, by number and session length, around your personal or team needs.

Built for design leaders

The skills required to lead design are unique. Our coaching model has been custom built for leaders of design, bringing design, business and emotional intelligence together.

Empathetic yet challenging

Coaching is about connecting with people. So, we’ll always have empathy and understanding for your individual or team situation, whilst still challenging you at the right moments


The more focused the better. We'll agree desired outcomes early on, then drive progress in a structured way with an ongoing action plan and progress tracking.

Coaching formats

Individual coaching

Unlock your potential on your path to becoming a High Impact Design Leader.

Coaching for individuals in areas from personal effectiveness to power and impact, to managing relationships and teams to career planning.

Team coaching

Personalised team guidance for greater impact and commitment behind a shared purpose.

Coaching for design teams in areas such as purpose-setting, on-boarding, performance, succession planning, effective delegation and collaboration.

High Impact Design Leadership

Our coaching model focuses on strengthening your and your team's emotional intelligence –including self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. By connecting these skills with business and creative intelligence, design leaders can increase their credibility and impact on their business’ ever-changing needs.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ): The capacity to be aware of, control and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

Business Intelligence (BQ): The capacity and knowledge to lead change and performance improvements across all facets of your organization, from operations to outcomes.

Creative Intelligence (CQ): The capacity to be intellectually flexible and innovative. An ability and mindset to solve problems by imagining new and unique solutions.

In our experience, people learn best and organisations change most readily when they focus on, study and engage in dialogue. We look forward to talking to you.

The Design Leadership Triangle model by PARK

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Meet our coaches

Andy Sharpe

Company Director

James Hall

Company Director

Frans Joziasse

Founding Director

Jay Peters

Partner, USA

Stephan Clambaneva

Managing Director, USA

Brian Gillespie

Senior Tutor, PARK Academy

Tim Mckeown

Senior Consultant and Tutor, USA

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