Managing Service Design



Drive business transformation with service design.

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As the principles and practices of service design evolve, the technologies that drive innovation are creating a challenge for service designers and managers as they strive to generate customer value through product-service ecosystems.

There is a natural synergy between service design and design management, sharing three principles fundamental to their success: human-centredness, co-creation, and a holistic perspective. Some of the topics covered in this module include:

  • How can the synergy between Service Design and Design Management be exploited to establish service design leadership in organisations, markets, and service design teams?
  • How can service design teams better understand the business context and help drive service innovation?
  • What do design managers consider when introducing service design capabilities that help an organisation move from a product-centric to service-centric mindset and approach?
  • What are the competences and practices that design managers need to develop in order to succeed in the Service Design domain?

Learning Goals

In this module you will pursue the following learning goals. You will be able to:
  • Show an understanding of servitisation and the various types of product-service systems.

  • Recognise the business context in which services either flourish or fail.

  • Gain familiarity with the principles and practices of service design that can drive success.

  • Gain an understanding of design management and the skills needed to successfully partner service design with the business.

  • Explore a framework to align service design maturity with service business maturity.



Design for Humanity utilises our proprietary 'Service Design Management Action Plan' tool.

PARK training materials can be found in the Livebook, our e-learning application.

Image explaining the Service Design Management Action Plan tool and a screenshot from the e-learning application

The skills of a Service Design leader should reflect the integrative, multi-functional nature of the practice."

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