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Design Strategy



Define how design will deliver against organisation and user objectives.

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A design strategy is a high-level plan to achieve design objectives and goals within a certain business context. It helps to achieve overarching organisational objectives, to align peer strategies and to make the right choices in terms of design resources and capabilities.

The Design Strategy Compass is a tool that links the corporate mission and vision with your design strategy and enablers. Some of the topics covered in this module include:

  • Why do organisations develop and manage strategies and how are they linked to the purpose and vision of an organisation?
  • What is the approach to managing design strategies?
  • What are the key components of an impactful design strategy?
  • How does a design strategy connect to the broader context of an organisation?
  • What are the competencies and skills needed to manage design strategies?

Learning Goals

In this module we will achieve the following learning goals. You will be able to:
  • Know how to apply the different elements of a design strategy in order to be effective and efficient.

  • Explain from an organisation point-of-view why a design strategy is needed and what the relationship is between the business strategy and design strategy.

  • Demonstrate clarity and structure when discussing design strategy, even when elements are disconnected.

  • Show how the design strategy can contribute to achieving organisational objectives and goals.

  • Understand how design can influence and direct the business strategy.



Design Strategy utilises our proprietary 'Design Strategy Compass' tool.

PARK training materials can be found in the Livebook, our e-learning application.

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Design strategy is the mother of all design management activities!”

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