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The desire for design talent has increased over the last 5 years. Many organisations have scaled up their design teams and more and more organisations have further matured their level of design.

Managing design resources is key to achieving successful design results. Finding and recruiting design talent, developing and maintaining great teams and keeping designers fresh and open-minded are all part of that. Some of the topics covered in this module include:

  • Why should an organisation invest in design resources and why is it so challenging to secure the right design resources?
  • What design resources should organisations be looking for?
  • How can the right design talent be located and recruited, both internally and externally?

Learning Goals

In this module you will pursue the following learning goals. You will be able to:
  • Show an understanding of the vocabulary around managing design resources.

  • Know how business strategies influence the type of design resources required.

  • Know the stages involved in managing design resources.

  • Recognise how to recruit and retain the best designers with a limited budget.

  • Drive a resource strategy for the long term, while focusing on the high performance and motivation of the current team and individuals.



Design Resources utilises our proprietary 'Design Resources Journey' tool.

PARK training materials can be found in the Livebook, our e-learning application.

Image showing the Design Resources Journey tool and a screenshot from the e-learning application

A design manager should know what resources they need, why they need them, how to source them, and how to retain them.”

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