Design Management



Deploy design resources to help you reach your business objectives.

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A design manager is responsible for delivering impactful design results by connecting the dots between business and design at a strategic, tactical and operational level. To achieve this, a design manager can be accountable in areas such as design strategy, design process, design briefing and many more. Some of the topics covered in this module include:
  • What are the characteristics of this profession and why is it so important to professionally manage design and designers?
  • What are the three contributions of design management that bring value to an organisation?
  • How does design management connect the dots between design and business?

Learning Goals

In this module you will pursue the following learning goals. You will be able to:
  • Show understanding of the different definitions and levels of design management.

  • Clarify the relationship between business objectives, goals and the way to manage design.

  • Recognise the complexity of the design profession in the context of a wider organisation.

  • Audit your organisation, to identify and communicate opportunities for improvements in the area of design management.



Design Management utilises our proprietary 'Design Management Audit' tool.

PARK training materials can be found in the Livebook, our e-learning application.

Image of Design Management Audit tool and screenshot from the e-learning application

Efficient and effective design can only be achieved when Design and Business are expertly integrated through professional Design Management”

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