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Position and organise design for greater business impact.

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Design is a growing function in many organisations expanding both internally, but also through its extended external network. Both the internal and external resources must be integrated into the organisation in the right way to maximise their contribution to the business success.

Understanding the role, position and stakeholders of design in the organisation is crucial to a design manager. Only then can he or she effectively manage and lead design within an organisation. Some of the topics covered in this module include:

  • How can you improve and optimise the position of design within an organisation?
  • How do the level of maturity and the scope/level of integration influence the position of design inside an organisation?
  • How can you identify, understand, prioritise, interact with and influence the stakeholders of design?
  • What are the six ways to improve the design function’s credibility?

Learning Goals

In this module you will pursue the following learning goals. You will be able to:
  • Know the potential position and role of design within an organisation.

  • Identify all relevant stakeholders and the different types of relationships, stakes and interactions in order to improve the impact of the design function.

  • Show understanding of how to make progress in a corporate environment.

  • Drive the long-term development of the design function, while managing the day-to-day resources and delivery.



PARK training materials can be found in the Livebook, our e-learning application.

Image of the role and the position of design in the organization and screenshot from the e-learning application

You will only grow and reposition the role of design when every stakeholder is on board and aligned.”

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